Empowering You to Make an Impact

The Urban CEO has partnered with several influential leaders to provide a variety of content that will empower and motivate community members to get invovled and make a change. Explore the provided videos and articles on how you can make an impact through education, leadership development, economic empowerment, and civic engagement. 


Accountability and Leadership

Janice Anderson, CEO of Moruwa Consulting

What does leadership mean?

Pastor Paul Little, CEO of Innovate Leadership Group


Dr. David Anthony Clarke, Sr. - How do you lead when you feel like crap?

Depression is real. It can come from anywhere: family, work, finances, health, genetics, football. The Saints, Patriots, and Cowboys getting knocked out of the 2019/2020 playoffs can really bring you down . Bummer….

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Dr. Tonya L. Coons - Education and Communal Action

“Just like a prescription medication, educational experiences must be taken regularly and at the right times. Indeed, frequency, intensity, and time are critical factors to consider. When learners skip the frequency, they have broken learning. When learners lessen the intensity, they offer themselves low expectation. When learners miss the time intervals, they fall behind their competition. In order for our community to compete in the global economy and experience economic empowerment, education must become a priority.”

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